What’s in the box?

Book accessories are one of the few things that a bibliophile cannot resist. We are always hunting for a quirky bookmark, a cute diary, reading lamp, a penguin mug/ canvas bag, etc. These little embellishments more than just enhancing our reading experience provide us with this deep inner satisfaction.

My Big Red Bag, women oriented webzine, have come up with this thrilling and exciting Story Box. Hina & Gauri, the duo who started this webzine, believe that a woman has more faces to her personality than just fashion and beauty. She is ambitious, driven, energetic, movie/ series buff, master chef, bookworm and much more. The Story Box applauds each and every facet of a woman’s personality. A box full of cool, peculiar and exclusive products personally handpicked from all over the country.

MBRB’s Book Lover Story Box is just perfect for us nerds! It celebrates the geeky and goofy side of us.

A fashionable case of beautiful and practical things put together exclusively for a book lover. It includes a hand stitched journal with luxurious unlined paper (apt for scribbling our favorite quotes), an intricate brass bookmark (we never have enough of those), and specially designed coasters with quotes from some well-known women writers (woah!).

Hand stitched journal designed by Secret Ink

This metallic bookmark designed by Anand Prakash

One-of-a-kind coasters exclusively for MBRB by Soulscapes

This Book Lover Story Box enriches our entire reading experience. Be it a Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just a bright sunny day, this curated/ customized box of love makes an ideal gift.

Kudos to Hina and Gauri for this brilliant initiative. As I always say, happiness comes in boxes whether it is a package from Amazon or from My Big Red Bag!

Satiate your hunt and pamper not yourself but the hoarder within you with this chic box.

I am absolutely loving mine, are you? You can buy your Book Lover Story Box here.


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